HOT NEW Montague Mountain Bikes for 2016 NOW Available!!


The Top Folding Bike Company in the World has just introduced their latest version of the Mountain Bike Series and they are Fantastic... Lots of new features that take the whole line to the next level and beyond! A full Size Bike that Happens to Fold and performs with the best bikes available. Great for those of us who love to just pop a bike in the trunk and go to our favorite spot in a flash.... NO RACK!! Great for Boaters to stow below for your Cruise - Super for Commuter who take Bus, Train, Plane ... whatever... A great bike for travelers who use RVs... take it on the Ferry or a Cruise.... Awesome technology with Award Winning Rack Design on some models that allows you to display your bike, work on it and of course carry extra gear... new improved latch system that works great and looks high tech too... check them out at our shop today!