**Please note that this is just a sample of the Azub Line of Recumbents**

Nowadays, trikes are the in-thing in the recumbent world. In the US, for each recumbent bike there are nine tricycles sold. Trikes bring people all the benefits of riding recumbent while not having to worry about balance. Riding trikes is fun, comfortable, exhilarating and unconventional. To put is simply, it is awesome and very different. That is why we embarked on developing trikes with such passion and enthusiasm and why we keep trying to advance them technically more and more. The T-Tris model with no suspension impresses people with its manoeuvrability and superb riding qualities. The TRIcon amazed the world with its incredibly compact folding and when we added a 26″ rear wheel complete with the revolutionary fixed Syntace axle, the trike was awarded the title Tricycle of the year 2015. And then, there is the Ti-FLY with its titanium front suspension which took the breath away from many people around the world when it was launched at the beginning of 2016, as in many aspects, its concept is more than revolutionary. If you do get mixed up with our tricycles, trust us, it will be one hell of a fun ride!

Ti-Fly X

Full suspension combined with 26″ wheels. That’s what makes our Ti-FLY X a unique machine calling for long rides that will soon become extreme. And it doesn’t really matter what you call extreme – it may be the distance cycled on a paved road, the roughness of terrain or the amount of endorphin that you produce during the ride. You can say from the first look that Ti FLY X is a special vehicle. It unites in itself all our innovative designs, our passion for traveling and love for off-road fun. Basically, it’s a synonym for extreme cycling in all its forms.

Ti-Fly 26”/20”

AZUB Ti-FLY is the epitome of an intensive five-year development of our trikes. In 2015, our previous top model, the TRIcon 26 , was presented with the prestigious award “Trike of the Year 2015”, thanks to its superior workmanship, stable steering and the revolutionary design of the rear fork with a 157mm wide hub and a solid-through Syntace axle. In the Ti-FLY model, all these technical details are complemented by a unique technology of titanium front suspension, which makes it the most advanced trike in the world. Experience the comfort and amazing stability this trike offers.

Tricon 26”

When you sit in the TRIcon 26 for the very first time, it immediately becomes clear why this trike has won the title Trike of the year 2015. Just settle comfortably in the ergonomic seat, sit back and start pedalling. The first two or three corners will give you a taste of the best advantages of our revolutionary 26” rear wheel solution. The shortest possible stiff fork with the 157mm wide Syntace solid through-axle design that we “borrowed” from mountain bikes, work an absolute miracle. What previously was unthinkable in the world of tricycles with a 26” rear wheel suspension has now become a reality. Yes, we are talking about fast cornering with minimal rear wheel flex while making you feel that the trike is absolutely stable and reacts accurately and instantly to any correction of the direction coming from the handlebars. And this feeling sure is absolutely exhilarating.

Tricon 20”

When you ride this trike for the first time, it will pleasantly surprise you straightaway in how easy it is to handle and how stable the cornering is. And it does not matter whether you are going slowly or quickly. Steering is spot on and gives you a feeling of security. The F2F-U folding system, that is Fold to Flat Ultra, will completely blow you away. Even back in 2010 when we introduced AZUB ECO, our first three-wheeler, we were already working on a second one which was meant to become the top of the tricycle scene – the TRIcon 20. We knew that we wanted to have a trike that would offer excellent riding properties, a stiff frame with a comfortable seat, which would not only be foldable in half but a trike which when folded, would fit in a small bag so that it would be easy to fly with even across the continents. Basically, we wanted to develop a tricycle that we ourselves would enjoy travelling with. And we wanted to be absolutely happy with it.

T-Tris 26”/20”

The T-Tris 26 is the fastest and the most affordable trike we have on offer. It, too, has a stiff frame with minimum flex while riding, and accurate steering. The T-Tris 26 shares the same geometry and other important technical solutions with its siblings, like the AZUB Ti-FLY or TRIcon. Even the rear part of the frame is designed and made so as to make the rider feel confident in steering through even the sharpest bends. The 26” rear wheel gives a slightly better feeling of comfort. For the more sport-minded cyclists, the fact that the trike is faster on flats may also play a role.