**Please note that this is just a sample of the SunSeeker Line of Bikes**

Tadpole Trikes: Tadpole trikes are just plain fun. You have a low center of gravity and handling is like being on rails.

Eco-Tad SX

The Eco Tad SX is the newest edition to the Sun Seeker tadpole trike family. This is our most affordable tadpole trike, but just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of features. It has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings. There are spare bottle mounts on the seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls.


The T3 CX is a performance minded tadpole trike that handles like a race cars on rails. This trike feature Direct Steering and a one-piece Sling Seat system, giving you relaxed, strain-free steering and cool comfort without any saddle pressure. With the T3 series trikes you’ll wonder how you got to your destination so easy and comfortably.

Fat Tad

The Sun Seeker Fat Tad CX is the most fun you’ll have this low to the ground off road. This bad boy is equipped with front and rear suspension, chromoly frame and 4 inch wide off road tires! The Fat Tad will handle sand and gravel like no other trike out there. Other features include aluminum seat frame, padded seat and provisions to mount 4 water bottle cages.