Bring your bike in for a quick tune or an overhaul…. Recondition that vintage ride you have always wanted to restore! 

Why should a prospect purchase one of our cycles?  Good Question! 

Maybe we should answer this by responding to some typical inquiries I get from customers…

“I’ve been riding for a while on an older bike that has seen better days…  I went into a bike shop to buy a bike but everything I liked was pricey and the components were mixed on the better priced models – what’s going on?”               

Well factory rides become a compromise as the price decends and cyclists need to know that the manufacturer is trying to put together a package that generically responds to a pricepoint and not necessarily to the needs of the customer.  We have a number of frames that we will FIT to you through an actual FITTING PROCESS.  We can build our bikes with all the parts from manufacturers that YOU specify – not the factory.  And the bottom line is that the result will be a bike FIT to both your Mission as well as your pocketbook!  We typically configure and build bikes for hundreds below the competition.  We can even take a factory ride and make upgrades that make both economic and application sense!

“I bought this bike and it’s turned into a nightmare….  It’s beating me up somehow and the shop I bought it from only offers to let me trade it in for a way more expensive model.  Any suggestions?”            

In this case I suggested that we start with checking her FIT on the existing bike and it turned out that there were some subtle changes that made the difference.  We ended up changing a few components and adjusting her setup.  She went away much happier with her ride and said she’s coming back when it’s time to buy again.  We can make what you have ride better or we can build a bike from scratch and save you money either way!

Most shops will pull a bike off the shelf, make a couple of adjustments and send you on your way with an invitation to come back in a few weeks for a FREE tuneup…..  Our philosophy is much more of a long term approach.  Sure we have stock bikes that are available from the factory but we take the same approach with a stock bike as we do a custom when it comes to fit both in terms of mission and your physique…  So we can set you up with everything from a correctly tuned and matched factory bike to a configuration based on your personal desires.  We listen, offer direction and follow through with a product you will love to ride….

Here is a sample of one of our custom builds where we first establish a close fit for the individual by matching their mission requirments to a physical dimension check to a select a frame.  Taking that information we will next review the options available for the frame or the HEART of the bicycle.  We determine position optimizing the approach to frame selection based on the needs of the rider…  is the rider predominately a long distance rider, group rider, solo fitness, competitor in crits, a sprinter, hill climbing pro, stage racer, weekend warrior, sightseer, etc.  Next we discuss levels of commitment and financials to finalize the frame. Our next step in fit/configuration is The Cockpit where the rider is in contact with bike to control the process or the TOUCH of the bicycle.  Saddle, Seat Post, Stem, Handlebars, Pedals are in this catagory.  Next we assess the Drivetrain or the MUSCLE of the bicycle.  Shifters, Brakes, Derailleurs, Cassette, Crankset, Chain fall into this group or grouppo.  Finally the SOUL of the bike is the Wheelset and Tires that transmit all this controlled energy into forward motion….. 

Below is a sample build that includes a full carbon (nude) frame from the same facility that builds for Wilier and Fonderest by the way. The build came to just over 15 lbs complete.